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Designing & building

I'm a co-founder and CDO of Parlor, working and living in the Boston, MA area with my wife.

brand business card
brand business card
brand business card

Molding brands

Helping you define your brand image and direction by reducing it down to it’s core.

Designing experiences

User centric experiences and minimal design make great products.

Building products

I Get my hands dirty with implementing my designs whether it’s ink and paper or psd’s and code.

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Parlor | Co-founder

Parlor is a custmoer collaboration & research platform. It's built from the ground up to more deeply engage your most valuable users.

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Firecracker | Product Design

Helping medical students become medical doctors. Long term board prep proven to increase board performance by a standard deviation.

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Zaius | Design

Marketing and analytics tools for big ecommerce experiences focusing on managing campaigns down to the micro segments.

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Robin | Product Design

A context aware platform for physical interactions, starting by making the office an easier place.

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One Mighty Roar

One Mighty Roar | Design

A group of smart people working together to make smart things. The group behind Robin.

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Smarterer | Visual Design

Skill assessment tests providing confidence for recruiters and validation for applicants.

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